Tool Box

A tool within mvIMPACT-CS carries out a subtask within an inspection task. The adjustable parameters of the tool are largely self-explanatory and will, for the most part, be determined by mvIMPACT-CS itself.

Setup camera

Enables the camera to be selected and its parameters to be set.

Get image

Takes an image using the camera defined during "Setup camera".

Filter image

Filters an image and makes it available for the other tools at the output.

Check focus

Checks the sharpness of the image in a specific area.

Check color

Checks the color, consisting of hue (H), saturation (S) and intensity (I), in an image section.

Check brightness

Checks the brightness of the image in a specific section. In addition, it is possible to determine the number of pixels found within a definable grey tone area.

Read code

The tool recognises, learns and reads 1D or 2D codes within the image. The device searches for codes within the evaluation area and is then able to recognise if these are rotated or not the same size.

Read text

Reads text within an image. With the help of the Rotation Angle parameter, the text can be positioned horizontally.

Find object

Establishes the position of an object within an image and rotates the image so that the object is always visible in the same orientation. This enables other tools to assume a position relative to the object. The tool enables multiple different object types to be learnt. The device then locates and orients the object type within the image that corresponds most closely to the training data.

Measure object

Measures an object within the image. Distances, angles and radii can be measured. To do this, the user must select the edges and circular lines that are required for the measurement.

Check blobs

Analyzes blobs in an input image.

Get inputs

Reads the digital inputs of the camera. This makes it possible to receive signals from connected devices. The inputs will then be read when the tool is processed.

Set outputs

This enables the digital outputs of the camera to be switched manually or to be linked to results from other tools. This makes it possible to transfer the results of an inspection to connected devices.

Send results

Sends the results of the inspection program via the data interface. New results are added by selecting the data type.

Calibrate robot

Using the calibration allows you to convert result coordinates of tools such as "Find object" or "Check blobs" by a robot controller or an intermediate application into motion commands for controlling a robot.


New and existing HALCON programs can be integrated in mvIMPACT-CS easily. For this, the program sequence has only to be moved to the procedure called "HalconRun()". This offers the possibility to exchange images and data with mvIMPACT-CS. You only have to adapt the input and output to the appropriate postfixes.