System functions

System functions are all of the primary administration functions of mvIMPACT-CS.


The monitor displays the results of the test. This is also the standard page that is displayed automatically upon connection.


Configuration allows inspection programs to be created, tested and modified. This enables live testing of tools to be carried out immediately. Each change made to the parameters is visible straight away.
The tool results that are to be logged and displayed on the monitor are also defined.


The statistics tool provides a statistical analysis of the results of the test.
All numerical tool output values (output properties) that are marked as being of interest (monitored) are statistically recorded. These data can be displayed on the statistics page using a range of different diagrams.

Manage programs

The management of inspection programs enables the ...

  • creation
  • modification
  • duplication
  • deletion
  • import
  • export
    of inspection programs.

User management

User management with access rights is in place to ensure that unauthorised persons are not able to amend the inspection program or to stop the inspection during the production process. The following user levels are in place, each with different rights:

  • User
  • Technician
  • Expert
  • Administrator

Camera selection

If you are connected to the network via a camera, you can simply connect to other cameras.

Log files

Log files enable amendments and errors within the system to be traced.

Color scheme

By changing the color scheme settings, you can change the design of the interface. The changes are applied as soon as you have ticked the Use your own color scheme checkbox.


This enables all of the network settings for the camera to be modified. The camera must be restarted in order for the changes to be applied.


In the Communication area, the user can define the way in which the camera communicates with connected devices, such as PLC or control PCs. This also applies to all of the data that is sent to these devices using the tool "Send results".

  • RS232
  • UDP
  • More, depending on the hardware ...


This is where settings can be entered for an FTP server on which all of the results will be saved. The reports will be generated as an XML file in a machine-readable format. As soon as you open a report using a web browser, you will receive a clear presentation of the results, together with an integrated image, which you can also print out.


This is where you can create a complete backup including firmware (with mvBlueGEMINI the installation package), the system settings, and all inspection programs.

Help system

The integrated help system provides a brief description of the relevant elements of the user interface.