Read code and compare with text


A 2D code (Data Matrix) is printed onto bottles. Next to it is a text field. A check needs to be carried out to establish whether the content of the 2D code and the readable text do indeed match one another.

Setup of the Read Code tool

  • Select the Read Code tool and integrate it into the inspection program.
  • The tool's wizard can be skipped at this point.
  • Use your own example images to check whether the code has been read correctly.

Output screen of the Read Text tool

  • The code will be displayed on the output screen of the tool in the correct orientation.
  • That image can be accessed using the following tools.

Read text

  • Select the Read Text tool and integrate it into the inspection program.
  • Shift the reading area over to the text and zoom in.

Compare the code with the text

  • Set the text validation to Lexicon.
  • Enter Valid text as the read result for the Read Code tool.

Start the inspection program

  • Switch to the Monitoring page.
  • Press the Start button.