The mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, mvIMPACT-CS for short, will disappear as a product or name from the market and be continued as BVS Cockpit. Following the takeover of MATRIX VISION by Balluff, we merged the parallel product developments of mvIMPACT-CS and BVS Cockpit. This allows us to avoid redundancies and free up resources. MATRIX VISION will continue to be responsible for the development, whereas Balluff will look after the marketing activities. You can, of course, also purchase the BVS Cockpit from us.

You may contact us at any time if you are looking for a customized version or a special development.

mvIMPACT-CS is the faster way to carry out optical inspections

mvIMPACT Configuration Studio, or mvIMPACT-CS for short, is a browser-based software that enables you to create and configure inspection programs in an intuitive and almost playful manner. No image processing or programming knowledge is required. Powerful tools save you the painstaking task of putting together a large number of individual steps. With the help of smart wizards, the necessary task of setting large numbers of parameters, which you would usually have to undertake yourself, is, for the most part, handled on your behalf.

This ensures that image processing can be carried out easily by both beginners and experienced users, as well as by professionals.

In addition, the mvIMPACT-CS toolbox provides an open developer interface, which can be used by programmers to increase performance using their own tools

mvIMPACT-CS makes the following possible:

  • Intuitive creation of inspections
  • Rapid implementation of tasks
  • Reliable error checking
  • Flexible process communication


... simply by clicking on edges.


... to enable clear quality control.

Error checking

... by means of simple training using examples.

For beginners and advanced users alike

mvIMPACT-CS is the ideal platform for companies that have not yet used image processing for production testing and would like more insight into this subject. But for companies wanting to integrate optical tests in production lines and to react quickly to changing tasks mvIMPACT-CS also provides decisive advantages.

mvIMPACT-CS benefits:

  • Shorter development times
  • Achieve your goals more quickly
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • No expert knowledge required

Here is your personal value:


Advanced users