For beginners and advanced users alike

mvIMPACT-CS is the ideal platform for companies that have not yet used image processing for production testing and would like more insight into this subject. But for companies wanting to integrate optical tests in production lines and to react quickly to changing tasks mvIMPACT-CS also provides decisive advantages.

mvIMPACT-CS benefits:

  • Shorter development times
  • Achieve your goals more quickly
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • No expert knowledge required

Benefits for beginners

  • No expert knowledge required
  • Easy-to-understand tools
  • Comfortable wizards
  • No laborious setting of parameters
  • Solution can be reached with just a few mouse clicks
  • Diverse sample applications

Self-learning tools make your job easier

In many cases, traditional program interfaces cannot be operated without expert knowledge. Beginners often feel intimidated by the number and complexity of the parameters that are to be set and the procedure itself. In order to overcome this obstacle, we have integrated image processing experts into the tools. The self-learning tools analyse your image and decide for themselves which algorithms and which parameters are best suited to your situation. In addition, all tools are easy to understand and limited to a manageable number. As an operator you work with easy-to-grasp sequences without having to concern yourself with the algorithms behind them.

Benefits for advanced users

  1. Short implementation times
  2. Quick adaptation to new parts
  3. Simple process integration
  4. Competence in your own hands
  5. For smart cameras and PC solutions

Gain more time to spend on other tasks

Although configurable image processing systems have become significantly more convenient in recent years, the effort involved to date in their initial implementation or their adaptation to amended parts specifications must not be underestimated. Even experienced users can benefit significantly from the advantages offered by mvIMPACT-CS, and they can use the time they save in an effective and profitable manner. The innovative operating concept reduces implementation times and increases efficiency thanks to its ability to quickly adapt to changes to tasks.

Independence from hardware

mvIMPACT-CS is hardware-independent and can be used with smart cameras (mvBlueGEMINI) or PC-based camera solutions. Depending on the application in question, this enables you to benefit from the advantages offered by each of the individual platforms by means of a single interface.

Remote access without PC installation

mvIMPACT-CS is accessed using a standard web browser. This means that no software needs to be installed and no separate administrator rights are required. The actual access to the inspection program is governed by flexible user management with a range of different user levels.


The interface and the online help are adapted to the language of the browser.

Remote control via PLC

mvIMPACT-CS can be controlled using the data interface.

  • batch numbers
  • data that is to be verified or
  • trigger the optical inspection via PLC.

Integration into your own user interface

As communication occurs over a network protocol, it is possible to integrate the controls for the optical sensor directly into your user interface or to link them to existing controls. 

In order to view the configuration interface within your program, you simply need to integrate a small web browser. An mvIMPACT-CS window is already visible within your own interface.

Benefits for programmers

  1. Can be expanded using your own tools
  2. Framework and GUI are already available
  3. Limited effort required with regard to algorithms
  4. Gain time to spend on other projects

Flexibility in terms of expansion

mvIMPACT-CS provides programmers with an efficient framework and a convenient GUI, which can be expanded using their own tools and plugins. This enables you to use the existing range of services, which allows you to concentrate on your own special tasks and to integrate your personal expertise in a very short space of time.